On 20 June 2020, Wavelength welcomed Sarah Algoet to present ‘An Introduction to Complete Vocal Technique (CVT)’.  This 1.5hr workshop was held online, due to COVID-19 restrictions.  The workshop, hosted in conjunction with ABCD, was a real success, with over 30 attending, generating much interest in Sarah’s work.  As a result, Wavelength will hold three further webinars featuring Sarah Algoet and key aspects of her research, including a repeat of the initial one (18 Sep).

” a fascinating insight into CVT and how to use it to great effect for singers and choir leaders – more please!!”

“Thank you for hosting and helping me think differently about my practice”

“I thought Sarah Algoet’s session on Saturday was really wonderful”

“what’s been so good is being able to fit this sort of training opportunity into ordinary life rather than having to set aside a whole day + travel. And it’s all been very thought-provoking”

On 23 Nov 2019, Wavelength hosted Liz Franklin-Kitchen who led a workshop entitled “Empowering Women: Leading Authentic, Purposeful Lives”.  The day was well attended offering women a “day of discovery as we look at ways in which we, as women, show up in the world, and explore the behaviours which hold us back”.

“a lovely group of women and gentle and kind guidance”

“the whole day was hugely valuable”

“great inspiring content”

“thank you so much for a rich ME day – or WE day – I LOVED IT!”

On 3 Nov 2018, the inaugural Wavelength Day saw us collaborate with the Royal Philharmonic Society, Surrey Arts Music Hub and the Association of British Choral Directors We identified key issues for women in choral conducting, initiated discussion and promoted current work and the women doing it. The day, with guest speakers Dr. Alicia Walker, Marion Friend MBE and Dr. Jenevora Williams,  was aimed to design and propose further initiatives that enable women to succeed as choral conductors at every level and at every stage in their careers.  The day culminated in a concert featuring Jubilate and Corra Sound.

Here are some of the comments we received following the event:

“The concert was phenomenal with a great spirit and commitment; the culmination of a special day”

“The choral problem solving was fab. I also loved Amy’s warm up”

“Wavelength has genuinely helped me with the psychological aspects of approaching my career, and putting myself forward, boldly”

“It was so good to meet new musicians and to have time to reflect on my own career, and to hear about other people’s journeys”

“Wavelength gave me the opportunity to shape ideas and meet other people working in the same areas of music”

“The most interesting and valuable part of the inaugural Wavelength event was Alicia’s talk on spinning plates which has caused me to rethink how I distribute my time. I also thought Amy’s ice breakers and warm ups were really fun and will work well in choir rehearsals.”

“I picked up lots of problem solving techniques in the ‘managing conflict’ session”

“I really enjoyed today and have found it really insightful and inspiring!”

“Alicia’s spinning plates session really resonated with me – I need to balance my life and create some boundaries!”

“It’s great to feel part of a community and compare notes with like-minded people with similar, but varied, experiences”

“Thanks for a stimulating day; bring on the next one!”