Wavelength is for all women and for everyone who supports women in choral leadership: teachers, community musicians, animateurs, conductors and composers, in fact, anyone involved in leading singing of any kind. We aim to bring everyone together and to provide an environment in which we can share, learn, develop and support one other.

Wavelength was founded by Andrea Brown and Dr Amy Bebbington

Together, Amy and Andrea share extensive senior leadership experience, covering a variety of musical and educational roles within a broad spectrum of choral work. They have a mutual passion for choral music-making in its many different forms.

“Our ultimate aim is to provide events that can guide, enable and support colleagues through what can sometimes feel like an isolating career. We want to celebrate women who work in choral leadership roles, help them to develop as confident leaders and to have ultimately satisfying and fulfilling careers.”

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Andrea Brown
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Dr. Amy Bebbington